In October Unrestricted Interest visited Ascendigo in gorgeous Carbondale, CO to help install a tailored creative writing curriculum. We spent ten days with Ascendigo, training their talented staff to facilitate creative writing and working directly with their equally talented clients to produce original poems and songs. 

For the next six months Unrestricted Interest teaching-writers will work with Ascendigo clients each week over Skype to develop literacy skills, improve creative writing, and maximize their expressive potential. Two months in and this partnership has already fostered dozens of poems and the creation of more than sixteen original poetic forms!


On December 5th Unrestricted Interest teaching-writers Chris Martin and Brian Laidlaw presented an evening lecture on autism and the language arts for the Center for Engaging Autism, hosted by the Academy of Whole Learning. 

Attendees renewed their appreciation for poetry and song, while learning how these two art forms are ideal vehicles to help facilitate creative expression in the autism community. 

Unrestricted Interest @ the Southern Poverty Law Center

Check out Unrestricted Interest teaching-writer Chris Martin's first blog post for Teaching Tolerance, an anti-bias blog from the Southern Poverty Law Center. His post dispels some popular misconceptions about the potential of people with autism and illustrates new research on the reciprocity between autism and poetry. This is a call to radically rethink our approach and our assumptions:

Let’s give people with autism more opportunities to demonstrate what they feel, what they imagine, what comes naturally to them through humor and the language of sensory experience. As we learn more about autism, let’s not forget to learn from those with autism. There are poets walking among you and they have much to teach.

Unrestricted Interest @ Carleton College

Unrestricted Interest teaching-writer Chris Martin will present on the surprising reciprocity between poetry and autism at Carleton College's annual faculty retreat in early September. He will talk about several new developments linking poetry to autism and vice-versa, including: 

  • Recent studies linking right hemisphere dominance with an affinity for metaphor
  • How Intense World Theory may find its ideal context within the constraints of a poem
  • The gift of linguistic materiality prevalent in students with autism
  • How poets and people with autism share an affinity for vertical thinking and generative perseveration