Unrestricted Interest @ SEC

Our pilot program at the South Education Center is complete and we have the poems to prove it! SEC generously produced a bound anthology, The Line: From the Poets of South Education Center, to help us memorialize and celebrate this amazing experience. Below are a few examples from the anthology, which we launched last Friday at an event marked by nearly a dozen student readings. We couldn't be more proud of this publication or more grateful for all the help we received from SEC educators and administration, especially Literacy Specialist Cathy Pinkosky. 


Unrestricted Interest @ Carleton College

Unrestricted Interest teaching-writer Chris Martin will present on the surprising reciprocity between poetry and autism at Carleton College's annual faculty retreat in early September. He will talk about several new developments linking poetry to autism and vice-versa, including: 

  • Recent studies linking right hemisphere dominance with an affinity for metaphor
  • How Intense World Theory may find its ideal context within the constraints of a poem
  • The gift of linguistic materiality prevalent in students with autism
  • How poets and people with autism share an affinity for vertical thinking and generative perseveration