We've added a page of testimonials to our website. It is an honor to do the work that we do and these responses are at once humbling and galvanizing. Please join us in making sure more students and more schools can benefit from the work of Unrestricted Interest! Here's an especially touching tribute from one of our very favorite student writers: 

I have severe non-verbal autism.   In my days of extreme loneliness, I met Chris.  I never thought meeting Chris would help open my inner feelings immediately.   I noticed that his calm demeanor was pleasing.  I also noticed that he was very understanding of my limitations, while he was very exploratory of my talents.  He was not only supporting me, I saw him supporting so many others at our school. 

He made an immense impact on my life.  I sincerely wish I met him sooner.  I improved my sad moods thinking about poetry after meeting Chris.  I hoped he would see me more often.   

Life without expression was difficult until poetry gave me a voice.   Meaningful literature has deep impacts on me.   Poetry has even deeper impact.   Poetry is a love song to my heart.   It resonates at levels that regular words cannot reach.

My writing does not sound autistic, but unfortunately, I cannot function in life without assistance.  I need something to lift up my spirits and poetry with Chris does that for me.  Treating my limitations with respect and helping me learn to express myself, is Chris’s strength. 

Meghana Junnuru, poetry lover and non-verbal autist from South Education Center.