Unrestricted Interest + AuSM @ Open Book

Last night marked the completion of our first class with the Autism Society of Minnesota and our first class at the Open Book, sponsored by Milkweed Books. Below is a picture of Max, who wrote twelve amazing poems (and one song!) during his four weeks with us. One night Hans Weyandt, the Manager of Milkweed Books, stopped by and read one of Max's poems called, Thirteen Ways of Looking at Dwight D. Eisenhower." He was blown away. He requested a copy and said it was better than any poem he'd ever written. It's one of our favorites, too: 

Thirteen Ways of Looking at Dwight D. Eisenhower

1. He was an active boy.

He played sports.

2. He was president from 1953-1961.

He was a very good president.

3. People liked him.

He came up with the idea

of interstates.

4. He was a veteran

of the second World War.

I think he did a good job

serving as commander.

5. He created

The NASA space company

that goes up into space.

6. He retired in 1961.

He lived in Gettysburg.

7. I think he was thoughtful because he

thought about peoples feelings.

8. I think he liked

opera because operas fun.

9. I think Ike liked different foods

because they taste good like hot dogs.

10. I think He would be a rain cloud.

11. Loud like thunder.

12. I think he would be a looming rain cloud.

13. I think he would be a downpour.