Unrestricted Interest Authors to Open Groundbreaking Autism Center

Meghana and Chetan Junurru, authors of the Unrestricted Editions chapbook The Divine Maze, are working hard to open a leading-edge autism center called ASU, which stands for Autism Sibs Universe. Meghana and Chetan believe that those with autism are connected and can best determine their own life path, given the right kind of support and resources. The Mission of the ASU, in their own words, is to create:

An inclusive person-centered program empowered by the ideas of those on the spectrum - a place where they can be fully themselves and at ease. ASU will provide a wide range of recreational and therapeutic activities in partnership with a community of supporters that fully support their evolving dreams and goals.

Please help them bring this vision to life. Donate on their website and see how you can become involved!