Unrestricted Interest @ MPR's Imagine Wellness

Teaching-writers Brian Laidlaw and Chris Martin made an appearance at MPR's Imagine Wellness event at the Minneapolis Institute of Art this week. Brian performed an original song and Chris read from his new collection of poems before they got to the main event: sharing poems from Unrestricted Interest student-writers! They read four student poems, including verse on Australian Dog Heaven, the growing love of a boy seeped in the Simpsons, and two poems on metamorphosis. Here is the final poem they shared, from Ascendigo's Zach DeMeo: 

New Year's Poem


I think winter’s cocoon

is bright yellow

as it turns into spring.


I think spring’s cocoon

is full of life

as it turns into summer.


I’m thinking summer’s cocoon

is only live (like a concert) in love

as it turns into autumn.


I kind of think fall’s cocoon

is blooming to the more cold

as it turns into winter.


I think the more

I make love a part

of my world

I’ll be happy.